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Moving to #2


Yippee!! I am moving to the apt. next door to me – #2.  It has more space with an enclosed  porch on the end of the building’s second floor.  Pics to follow next week.

Will is moving to a Tico neighborhood “for a change” and Rhett, who orginally was next in line for the move – Graciously is allowing me to step forward.

Pura Vida, Dianne

Lemon Tree


August 30,

Couldn’t post yesterday due to weak Wi-Fi connection.  Everyone says it’s a side effect of the rain.  I don’t understand how rain stops the Wi-Fi and not the TV reception.  Can someone please explain?

I visited my favorite site over breakfast and wanted to remind you to check it out!!

See beloow:░░ bioscleaveconfigurature/

I’m going to include it in my 4-hour-body diet.

Wednesday, August 29,


Gracias, for the Lemon Tree  (lime).  

Nadir shared fresh limes from our neighbor’s tree.  He tends their yard and pool too.  Yesterday, he picked 15  leaves from the tree for me to brew into tea.  I had my first tummy ache and remembered Maria in Mexico telling me the leaves were good for indigestion. She was correct.  I felt better after only 2 fresh brewed cups.

Now I am slicing limes into my water.  In addition to the yummy flavor I remembered that lime juice is a natural anti parasitic.  No parasites in me!!


I visited a pharmacy near the grocery today and learned that they will fill RX from USA – much cheaper too.  There is a restriction on narcotics though.  These have to be RX by a CR doctor.

The pharmacist was as attractive young woman who had just moved to Coco from San Jose.  She also gave me the name a doctor who can educate me about the medical system here. I told her I was interested in hearing medical Spanish.  She laughed and told me most CRs want to practice their English.   Her English was excellent. 


Life is good today in Costa Rica.  I have plenty of beans & spinach is back in the stores.   My new Crockpot loves to cook the chicken slowly.  The afternoon monsoon is producing LOUD thunder and a light show.  I am going to sign off to avoid attracting surges.  



Entering Week Four


Sunday, August 26,

THANK YOU – (whom ever is reading this blog) bc it gives me a format to frame my impressions.  Without these reflections on the Pura Vida I would miss the gifts given to me daily – the challenges of creating new patterns of living.

I hope it also gives you food for your own thoughts.

Speaking of food – it continues to be my prime focus.  Not bc there is not enough food but the availability of what I want is so sporadic.

Do not do the 4 Hour Body SCD (slow carb diet) if you’re planning to visit.  Yes, there are plenty of beans just not enough acceptable green vegetables.  This is a great place for a fruit diet!!  Which I am ‘allowed once a week’

Next time you see spinach in your grocery store remember it is a rare commodity and celebrate your choices.  Kiss the broccoli too.

This week I bought a Crockpot (called a slow cooker in CR).  It is essential for cooking beans and NOT heating the home.  The process of finding a Crockpot was also interesting to me bc I was looking in all the USA type places it would be.  In CR a Crockpot is considered ‘furniture’ as in household appliances and found at the furniture store.

I guess it makes sense in a country that’s language allows the object of a sentence to control it’s actions such as pills that forget to be taken.  Translate the sentence into Spanish if you doubt me.

Our pool forgot to get cleaned this morning.  UG – amazing how quickly it gets murky!!! I hope the pool remembers to wake the pool cleaner tomorrow.

I met a new tenet a few days ago.  He is new to me bc he has been away since I arrived.  His name is Jason and he is from a Korean family in the states.  The family wants him to take over his sick Uncle’s bakery in CA as an obligation.  He would prefer Pura Vida and to continue touring nature’s wonders.  He is waiting to hear if his Uncle is going to recover from his illness.  If not, he will have to leave next week.

I liked talking with Jason bc of his awareness and curiosity about other ways of being.  I’m really bad at guessing ages but I think he’s in his late 20’s.

He just got a BIG tattoo down his whole left side.  OWch!

No new pics today – it monsooning.

Pura Vida,

Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

The Hunt


Another week in Costa Rica and never a boring moment.  I feel so lucky to be lodged in this condo. Each of my neighbors contribute to the growing ExPat culture and texture that is unique to our community. 

Less’s (Leslie Roy DeCarava) father was one of the 1st American photo artist in NY, Roy DeCarava.  Less, the oldest son, wrote a self published book about his relationship with his father that needs to be made into a script.  It is fascinating reading about NY in the early 1900’s, Harlem, the artistic communities and growing racial conflicts.

Willie reminds me of the kid’s story of Fernando the Bull.  A handsome, muscular, African-American, ex-military with Purple Heart + awards that best reflects his inner nature as a caring, humorous, survivor. The classic Warrior.

Rhet delights me with his stories of practicing law in TX as a bible carrying, Chrisitian, Rebublican.  These are only labels he has long shed in his quest to live consciously.  His devotion to his 11 YO dog  is just one indication of a strong sense of loyalty & compassion.  Yesterday the dog went to the beach by itself, much to Rhet’s humble chagrin. I’m not sure whether he was amazed that his dog had a will of it’s own or that he had neglected to respond to the dog’s needs.

More Later……

Pura Vida, Dianne reporting from Costa Rica.

Architectural Design


Wednesday – August 22, 

Today I found an amazing web site –

The theme explores how architectural design can influence you – your mind, imagination, health, body, etc.

I’ve always wanted to live in a rounded, underground house… sort of like a Hobbit house.  I love the idea of curves and rounded space – no angles.

Of course, I also believe it would not be very practical and very expensive.  Eeeeek – I can feel the cultural norms pointing arrows at me already.

Then I began thinking of ways to create architectural designs by examining and reconstructing cultural boundaries.   It’s a sensational experience that excites all the senses.  It is what happens when you move to a foreign country, climb inside an Escher drawing, speak a new language or just change residency. 

The familiar is shifted to something different sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so.  

Like releasing ownership of an automobile – the expense of gas, maintenance, insurance is gone but so is the freedom to drive when ever where ever….. Now imagine replacing that automobile with a bicycle.  The sensation of being more in touch with nature while moving toward a destination and feeling your body thrill in new motor coordination (or not) is delicious. Yet, the realization that your bike’s basket will not hold all your groceries and the morning dew has turned to a blazing sun as you escort your wheels back home is like an earthquake shaking your bliss.

No I am not doing drugs – yet.  But maybe the fish went bad in the sun and I have a mild case of food poisoning.  Or my body is reacting to the unscheduled disappearance of greens from my diet – yea, the market is out of fresh greens again. 

The architectural design of Costa Rica is reforming me.


Pura Vida (if you are a plant eating Iguana), 




Time for the 3 pm rain – cooling & cleansing.  I’m pasting a pic of a flower I saw yesterday on my bike ride. Actually there was a whole yard full but this one wanted to be admired and shared.



Does anyone know it’s name?

I titled this post commitments bc I have so enjoyed just being committed to the Pura Vida.  

Yesterday I slipped off my path and found myself volunteering.  Yes volunteering!  I offered to mind Sue’s store while she did the run across the border to stamp her passport. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew it was not consistant with my Pura Vida and hoped she didn’t actually hear me.  Later that night she showed at my door with keys to her store and thanked me for Volunteering.  YIKES.

I figured one day wouldn’t be that bad and I could work on my blog, etc.  Her consignment store is not busy and only a block from my condo.  At 10 AM I let myself into the building that has her shop and noted that there was no air conditioning.  Then I spied the rotating fan by her desk in the back and breathed relief.  Next I plugged in my bug discourager and sprayed with my ‘natural bug spray’.  I  hadremembered my last visit to the store and the snack my ankles gave the misquitoes. 

My efforts seemed to attract the bugs who had been starved for several days while the shop was closed.

Then I began to sweat !! It felt like a sauna as water dripped down my face onto my computer. 

It only took me 5 minutes to reject my commitment.  I could see no value in my suffering even if there were customers, which there were not. 

I will walk Sue’s dogs when the rain stops – if it stops before dark. 

Amazing how easy it is to fall back into old patterns that don’t serve me.  I can understand how anger and blame can develop.  I will remember to honor myself and those around me by not trying to save them.  Hopefully I will be viewed as unreliable as well.

Pura Vida!

Dianne reporting from Costa Rica 


BACK ONLINE with WordPress


I’m back using my WordPress online account.  I haven’t added the email post of Iguana Pics.

Kathy Garzo was the 1st to ID ALL the Iguanas.  Congratulations Kathy.  I know you’re just as sharp at catching those babies too.


I was just out at the pool chatting with Will & Marcus  – Army/Navy guys, when the big green Iguana flopped down next to them.  Not sure who was surprised the most the Iguana or the guys.  Marcus invited him into his condo to snack. Does anyone know how to tell the sex of Iguanas?  I was wondering if it was flirting or challenging the males.

Anyone planning to visit during the “holiday season” and wants to stay in a condo needs to get reservation in.   I can room one other person but the studio is too small for more bodies than that.

I also now have two bikes – a female & male to ease your travel around the village.

Pura Vida, Dianne


Mother’s Day in CR


Aug 15th.  

Today is Mother’s Day Holiday in CR.  I’m celebrating by remembering all those mommas who allowed me to attend them and feeling thanks to myself for experiencing that Universal connection of motherhood – pretty creative stuff.

As promised I rode my bike into the village’s central beach road to get pics.  




This is pier at end of main street.  Check out the pirate boat on rt.






Wonder who thought up the above to celebrate Mother’s Day with Vino?




My next stop – the Lizard Lunge.






I’m working on how to upload video so you can get the sounds.  The instructions don’t want to work!!

If anyone knows how to do this please send advice.   

Dianne reporting from Playas Del Coco, CR




Aug 13 for Real


August 13,

I am trying out this new blog format – real time and hope to post some more pics.

Zeke answered a puzzling question today.  I couldn’t understand why the sun set at 6 PM every day on the equator.  When I was in NM it didn’t get dark until after 8PM.  Zeke reminded me that there is equal amounts of day & night at the equator.  I tested this out this AM and saw the sun rise at 6 AM.  Duh!  I was looking at things upside down.  Now I am balanced.  Thanks Zeke

For my neices and anyone that is curious –  Can youi find the Iguanas in these photos?





As part of my new regieme, I walked into town today using the beach walk.   WOW It gave me a whole different feel than when I whiz by in the taxi.  I’ll get some pic tomorrow morning.

I also stopped at the used bike store and YES purchased a Banana Bike.  I think I’ll call her Blanca.




Hasta,  Dianne