Aug 13 for Real


August 13,

I am trying out this new blog format – real time and hope to post some more pics.

Zeke answered a puzzling question today.  I couldn’t understand why the sun set at 6 PM every day on the equator.  When I was in NM it didn’t get dark until after 8PM.  Zeke reminded me that there is equal amounts of day & night at the equator.  I tested this out this AM and saw the sun rise at 6 AM.  Duh!  I was looking at things upside down.  Now I am balanced.  Thanks Zeke

For my neices and anyone that is curious –  Can youi find the Iguanas in these photos?





As part of my new regieme, I walked into town today using the beach walk.   WOW It gave me a whole different feel than when I whiz by in the taxi.  I’ll get some pic tomorrow morning.

I also stopped at the used bike store and YES purchased a Banana Bike.  I think I’ll call her Blanca.




Hasta,  Dianne

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