August 6


August 6,

The water decided not to come out of the faucets this morning.  Fortunately, I discovered its reluctance before I had put shampoo in my hair and my morning dip in the pool had already refreshed me. 

 I asked my go-to-it neighbor, Will, if this was a common occurrence.  He informed me it does happen but not predictable.  He didn’t know why it happened and said it always came back on eventually. 

 I contemplated the issue of having reliable utilities all afternoon and decided that here in CR it didn’t really bother me as long as I knew I would have access sometime.

I’m not sure I would be so tolerant in the USA if my water stopped flowing or my electricity went out.  I wonder why that is?

 Did I mention the iguanas that occupy the vegetation around the condo?  Some are quite large – chicken weight and some are bright green .  They walk with a certain regal bearing up and down the Palms and even on the road.   They are also protected by the law.  So, cars and bikes have to stop for them.

 I also noticed that there are no crawly bugs in my condo and I rarely see any in the yard.   I do have a midnight blue dragonfly that hangs around the pool and several yellow butterflies.  I like that the bugs stay in their own environment.

I got to Skype with my brother this morning and show off my new sun kissed tan. ) 

Hasta for now,   Dianne




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  1. “The water decided not to come out of the faucets this morning,” I like this one, and the other one from the previous post, “seducing the ATM”! Really amusing.


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