Day 1


August 2, 2012

My exact living space is located in the Region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica in the village  of Playas del Coco.  My condo is in the Las Palmas Urbanization.

My ‘magic jack’ telephone is a TX # 936-242-3364 .  The number is routed through my computer so I have to be present to answer but you can leave a message & I can call you back.

I am a block from the beach which harbors lots of fishing boats – grey sand but very serene.  The humidity is high… and my body is loving the natural steam bath!

My condo does have air and all the basic needs 3rd world style.

There is a large expat community from USA & Canada – all relocated for same reason I have – all are very friendly.  I am practicing my Spanish with the locals. The food cost a lot more than I realized (a head of broccoli for $6.00 !!)  I am scouting for the local market and how to transport myself – maybe a bike?  For now I use the informal taxis.

I feel very alive, safe and blissful on my first full day in CR.

My next door neighbor is an African American named Will from  NC – late 30’s. He’s been here a year and is learning Spanish.  He has a herd of girlfriends and has been very helpful in sharing his experiences and insights.

The pool boy is a youthful Costa Rican (Tico) named Nadir and is also very friendly – hugs and help with Spanish.

I went to the ‘second hand’ store today run by former tenants of this condo, Sue & Mike.  Definitely the place to chat.  Also, have a Java Cafe 1/2 block away… with Wi-Fi and excellent iced coffee – another place to practice Spanish.

More Later – Dianne

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