Day 4


August 5

My first Sunday in CR!  Surprisingly, no church bells or processions evident like in Mexico.

I adore the mental space around me as much as the physical.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to choose my thoughts and activities.  Most of all I love that I can change my mind at will!!

Curly, whom I met a few days ago, shared a bit of his story with me yesterday by the pool.  He’s been living in this condo for three years, divorced, from Salt Lake City – Mormon?  Tall, Blond curly hair (a clue) Great shape despite back injury from auto accident.  He’s living on disability income and plans to stay in CR. I have no idea of age, 40’s.

Less lives adjacent to me on the second story.  He’s a tall E. Indian and has been here for 1 years.  We’ve only talked in passing.

I think I’ve met all the tenants – which leaves three units on the first level vacant.

2nd floor from left to right  – Will, Me, Less, Curly

1st floor “                  “        –  Rhett – – –

I’m the only female 😉

I had visitors at my pool time this morning – friends of Will’s – two pregnant CR women one 7 months, Marissa and the other 5 months, Catalina. What a gift!  I got to listen to their babies HR with my handy monitor and palpate and talk in Spanish.  Marissa wants to do a water birth in our pool.

She was told the baby is a boy and needs baby boy clothes.  So if you know of any one with spare boy baby clothes, please send.  PS I think the baby is a girl but it wont’ care if it wears boy clothes.

Hasta, Dianne




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