Day 2


August  3, 2012 – Day 2  Las Palmas, Costa Rica

Today I made my condo into a home.   I bought a cotton yellow/green striped bed spread to replace the fuzzy brown one, draped a scarf over the brown futon,  cleaned with green products and remembered to throw  my toilet paper in  the garbage can,  not the toilet – don’t want to plug the pipes. 

I continue to have free saunas when I leave the house.   I visited the Second Hand store, again and met Sue the owner, a kindred spirit.  We’re going to party next week while her husband is out of town.  HOLA

I also met another neighbor during my morning pool exercises  – Rhett.   He has a dog named Stohl, is a self proclaimed Christian, and Republican from TX.    He’s also an ex- lawyer disillusioned with the system.  Seems it was President Carter that corrupted everything with his lying about his affair.   

Also met another neighbor at the second hand store named Curly.  No history on him, yet.

I am very proud of myself for navigating transportation to town and purchasing my first burn phone as well as seducing the ATM into giving me dollars!!

I also obtained a map of the town – you know the colorful kind with advertizing.  At least now I have an idea of where town is in relation to my home.

I want to buy a Banana Bike with a basket so I can be more independent.  I’ll have to wait for next deposit of cash and hopefully more muscle strength.

Harvey, the property manager just stopped in with my coffee pot, new kitchen rug and lamp.  Yippee.

Blissful in Coco Beach,    Dianne


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