Food Market


August 12

 Food Finance in Playa Del Coco, CR 

This little piggy went to market very early and will share her bargains with you.

First stop was the fish market referred to me by Lois my taxi driver.  The above fish fillets of unknown type, fresh caught this AM weight about 1 lbs for 3,493 colons or $7.00.    Compare to 2  Filet pollo fresco (boneless chicken breast) in the market for 3595 colons or $7.20. 



Next was a stop at the open air fruit/vegetable market where I scored a nice avocado, green beans and a sprig of rosemary for 1300 colons – $2.60. 

The spinach was old and still on the stem so the seller advised me not to buy.  I bought the green beans instead but didn’t get an individual price to compare.


The red hairy looking strawberry is actually a fruit – Lech?   Which I was given free.  Very tasty but not on my current diet  – maybe later on my splurge day.


Finally was my trip to the Super Compro -the grocery used by the local Ticos.  I hadn’t been to this one before.  I was told the prices were cheaper.  I did notice they had less of a selection for things like oils – mainly corn oil and not glass bottled olive oil. 

I’ve pasted the receipt for those interested. 



The 15 eggs were 1,782 colons = $3.57 ($0.24/egg) .  I bought some dried beans to compare the price to my canned beans.  The dried beans 900g 779 colons = $1.56.

My 16 oz canned beans were 1188 colons or $2.38 / can.



That’s all for now folks.  I gotta cook some beans. 



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