Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hola from CR Playas del Coco, 

How do I communicate the atmosphere in my new surroundings?  Every moment is a surprise.  This week has displayed intermittent rain showers in the afternoons that cleanse the air and wash the vegetation.   I am told this is a typical season phenomenon – not the rainless skies of the last few weeks.

My condo neighbors continue to provide community support with Will as the hub.  I like his sense of humor and easy acceptance of this life style.  Nadid, the pool boy, has offered to sell me his bike for $50.00 so he can buy Wills.  Will says he is too big for his bike bc the tires flatten when he tries to ride it.  

There is lots of talk about transportation methods.  I continue to use the taxi for in town – about 1 mile – shopping.   Less walks his runner’s body everywhere.  Rhett uses his electric golf cart and has his bike for back up – though he has the same issue as Will with flat tires.  Curly appears to be a walker too.

With time on my side it makes sense to tone my walking muscles, at least into town.  I can catch a cab home if I have bags.  My goal for next week is to start walking into town.   Wow, who would have thought that my focus would be on transporting my body.  That reminds me there are kayaks for rent on the beach – another way to moveJ.  

I was hoping to create a blog to post my pics and these messages BUT my computer has decided it doesn’t speak English and will only give me directions in Spanish when I am online.  I will continue to hunt for a solution in my spare time:0 

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Goggle has decide to switch to Chrome in Spanish.

I have a nice video of the beach to share.


Pura Vida,   Dianne

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