BACK ONLINE with WordPress


I’m back using my WordPress online account.  I haven’t added the email post of Iguana Pics.

Kathy Garzo was the 1st to ID ALL the Iguanas.  Congratulations Kathy.  I know you’re just as sharp at catching those babies too.


I was just out at the pool chatting with Will & Marcus  – Army/Navy guys, when the big green Iguana flopped down next to them.  Not sure who was surprised the most the Iguana or the guys.  Marcus invited him into his condo to snack. Does anyone know how to tell the sex of Iguanas?  I was wondering if it was flirting or challenging the males.

Anyone planning to visit during the “holiday season” and wants to stay in a condo needs to get reservation in.   I can room one other person but the studio is too small for more bodies than that.

I also now have two bikes – a female & male to ease your travel around the village.

Pura Vida, Dianne


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