Time for the 3 pm rain – cooling & cleansing.  I’m pasting a pic of a flower I saw yesterday on my bike ride. Actually there was a whole yard full but this one wanted to be admired and shared.



Does anyone know it’s name?

I titled this post commitments bc I have so enjoyed just being committed to the Pura Vida.  

Yesterday I slipped off my path and found myself volunteering.  Yes volunteering!  I offered to mind Sue’s store while she did the run across the border to stamp her passport. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew it was not consistant with my Pura Vida and hoped she didn’t actually hear me.  Later that night she showed at my door with keys to her store and thanked me for Volunteering.  YIKES.

I figured one day wouldn’t be that bad and I could work on my blog, etc.  Her consignment store is not busy and only a block from my condo.  At 10 AM I let myself into the building that has her shop and noted that there was no air conditioning.  Then I spied the rotating fan by her desk in the back and breathed relief.  Next I plugged in my bug discourager and sprayed with my ‘natural bug spray’.  I  hadremembered my last visit to the store and the snack my ankles gave the misquitoes. 

My efforts seemed to attract the bugs who had been starved for several days while the shop was closed.

Then I began to sweat !! It felt like a sauna as water dripped down my face onto my computer. 

It only took me 5 minutes to reject my commitment.  I could see no value in my suffering even if there were customers, which there were not. 

I will walk Sue’s dogs when the rain stops – if it stops before dark. 

Amazing how easy it is to fall back into old patterns that don’t serve me.  I can understand how anger and blame can develop.  I will remember to honor myself and those around me by not trying to save them.  Hopefully I will be viewed as unreliable as well.

Pura Vida!

Dianne reporting from Costa Rica 


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