Architectural Design


Wednesday – August 22, 

Today I found an amazing web site –

The theme explores how architectural design can influence you – your mind, imagination, health, body, etc.

I’ve always wanted to live in a rounded, underground house… sort of like a Hobbit house.  I love the idea of curves and rounded space – no angles.

Of course, I also believe it would not be very practical and very expensive.  Eeeeek – I can feel the cultural norms pointing arrows at me already.

Then I began thinking of ways to create architectural designs by examining and reconstructing cultural boundaries.   It’s a sensational experience that excites all the senses.  It is what happens when you move to a foreign country, climb inside an Escher drawing, speak a new language or just change residency. 

The familiar is shifted to something different sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so.  

Like releasing ownership of an automobile – the expense of gas, maintenance, insurance is gone but so is the freedom to drive when ever where ever….. Now imagine replacing that automobile with a bicycle.  The sensation of being more in touch with nature while moving toward a destination and feeling your body thrill in new motor coordination (or not) is delicious. Yet, the realization that your bike’s basket will not hold all your groceries and the morning dew has turned to a blazing sun as you escort your wheels back home is like an earthquake shaking your bliss.

No I am not doing drugs – yet.  But maybe the fish went bad in the sun and I have a mild case of food poisoning.  Or my body is reacting to the unscheduled disappearance of greens from my diet – yea, the market is out of fresh greens again. 

The architectural design of Costa Rica is reforming me.


Pura Vida (if you are a plant eating Iguana), 


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