The Hunt


Another week in Costa Rica and never a boring moment.  I feel so lucky to be lodged in this condo. Each of my neighbors contribute to the growing ExPat culture and texture that is unique to our community. 

Less’s (Leslie Roy DeCarava) father was one of the 1st American photo artist in NY, Roy DeCarava.  Less, the oldest son, wrote a self published book about his relationship with his father that needs to be made into a script.  It is fascinating reading about NY in the early 1900’s, Harlem, the artistic communities and growing racial conflicts.

Willie reminds me of the kid’s story of Fernando the Bull.  A handsome, muscular, African-American, ex-military with Purple Heart + awards that best reflects his inner nature as a caring, humorous, survivor. The classic Warrior.

Rhet delights me with his stories of practicing law in TX as a bible carrying, Chrisitian, Rebublican.  These are only labels he has long shed in his quest to live consciously.  His devotion to his 11 YO dog  is just one indication of a strong sense of loyalty & compassion.  Yesterday the dog went to the beach by itself, much to Rhet’s humble chagrin. I’m not sure whether he was amazed that his dog had a will of it’s own or that he had neglected to respond to the dog’s needs.

More Later……

Pura Vida, Dianne reporting from Costa Rica.

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  1. It’s not art as such, but the highlight of a sumemr trip to Wellington for me was taking one of my lads to an exhibition of working models based on Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, then being able to show him his artwork as well. Never thought I’d be explaining the term ‘renaissance man’ to an eight year old who thinks the coolest thing in the world is a raucous fart.


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