Entering Week Four


Sunday, August 26,

THANK YOU – (whom ever is reading this blog) bc it gives me a format to frame my impressions.  Without these reflections on the Pura Vida I would miss the gifts given to me daily – the challenges of creating new patterns of living.

I hope it also gives you food for your own thoughts.

Speaking of food – it continues to be my prime focus.  Not bc there is not enough food but the availability of what I want is so sporadic.

Do not do the 4 Hour Body SCD (slow carb diet) if you’re planning to visit.  Yes, there are plenty of beans just not enough acceptable green vegetables.  This is a great place for a fruit diet!!  Which I am ‘allowed once a week’

Next time you see spinach in your grocery store remember it is a rare commodity and celebrate your choices.  Kiss the broccoli too.

This week I bought a Crockpot (called a slow cooker in CR).  It is essential for cooking beans and NOT heating the home.  The process of finding a Crockpot was also interesting to me bc I was looking in all the USA type places it would be.  In CR a Crockpot is considered ‘furniture’ as in household appliances and found at the furniture store.

I guess it makes sense in a country that’s language allows the object of a sentence to control it’s actions such as pills that forget to be taken.  Translate the sentence into Spanish if you doubt me.

Our pool forgot to get cleaned this morning.  UG – amazing how quickly it gets murky!!! I hope the pool remembers to wake the pool cleaner tomorrow.

I met a new tenet a few days ago.  He is new to me bc he has been away since I arrived.  His name is Jason and he is from a Korean family in the states.  The family wants him to take over his sick Uncle’s bakery in CA as an obligation.  He would prefer Pura Vida and to continue touring nature’s wonders.  He is waiting to hear if his Uncle is going to recover from his illness.  If not, he will have to leave next week.

I liked talking with Jason bc of his awareness and curiosity about other ways of being.  I’m really bad at guessing ages but I think he’s in his late 20’s.

He just got a BIG tattoo down his whole left side.  OWch!

No new pics today – it monsooning.

Pura Vida,

Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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  1. I have finally had a chance to review your blog – so happy that you have it up. I really enjoy reading your posts – always enlightening. I can appreciate some of your challenges having just returned from the wonderful Caribbean country of Cuba! I am now having Cuba withdrawals – I am really missing the the music and the dancing!


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