Lemon Tree


August 30,

Couldn’t post yesterday due to weak Wi-Fi connection.  Everyone says it’s a side effect of the rain.  I don’t understand how rain stops the Wi-Fi and not the TV reception.  Can someone please explain?

I visited my favorite site over breakfast and wanted to remind you to check it out!!

See beloow: 

http://www.reversibledestiny.org/procedural-architecture-░░ bioscleaveconfigurature/

I’m going to include it in my 4-hour-body diet.

Wednesday, August 29,


Gracias, for the Lemon Tree  (lime).  

Nadir shared fresh limes from our neighbor’s tree.  He tends their yard and pool too.  Yesterday, he picked 15  leaves from the tree for me to brew into tea.  I had my first tummy ache and remembered Maria in Mexico telling me the leaves were good for indigestion. She was correct.  I felt better after only 2 fresh brewed cups.

Now I am slicing limes into my water.  In addition to the yummy flavor I remembered that lime juice is a natural anti parasitic.  No parasites in me!!


I visited a pharmacy near the grocery today and learned that they will fill RX from USA – much cheaper too.  There is a restriction on narcotics though.  These have to be RX by a CR doctor.

The pharmacist was as attractive young woman who had just moved to Coco from San Jose.  She also gave me the name a doctor who can educate me about the medical system here. I told her I was interested in hearing medical Spanish.  She laughed and told me most CRs want to practice their English.   Her English was excellent. 


Life is good today in Costa Rica.  I have plenty of beans & spinach is back in the stores.   My new Crockpot loves to cook the chicken slowly.  The afternoon monsoon is producing LOUD thunder and a light show.  I am going to sign off to avoid attracting surges.  



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