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Food Market


August 12

 Food Finance in Playa Del Coco, CR 

This little piggy went to market very early and will share her bargains with you.

First stop was the fish market referred to me by Lois my taxi driver.  The above fish fillets of unknown type, fresh caught this AM weight about 1 lbs for 3,493 colons or $7.00.    Compare to 2  Filet pollo fresco (boneless chicken breast) in the market for 3595 colons or $7.20. 



Next was a stop at the open air fruit/vegetable market where I scored a nice avocado, green beans and a sprig of rosemary for 1300 colons – $2.60. 

The spinach was old and still on the stem so the seller advised me not to buy.  I bought the green beans instead but didn’t get an individual price to compare.


The red hairy looking strawberry is actually a fruit – Lech?   Which I was given free.  Very tasty but not on my current diet  – maybe later on my splurge day.


Finally was my trip to the Super Compro -the grocery used by the local Ticos.  I hadn’t been to this one before.  I was told the prices were cheaper.  I did notice they had less of a selection for things like oils – mainly corn oil and not glass bottled olive oil. 

I’ve pasted the receipt for those interested. 



The 15 eggs were 1,782 colons = $3.57 ($0.24/egg) .  I bought some dried beans to compare the price to my canned beans.  The dried beans 900g 779 colons = $1.56.

My 16 oz canned beans were 1188 colons or $2.38 / can.



That’s all for now folks.  I gotta cook some beans. 





Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hola from CR Playas del Coco, 

How do I communicate the atmosphere in my new surroundings?  Every moment is a surprise.  This week has displayed intermittent rain showers in the afternoons that cleanse the air and wash the vegetation.   I am told this is a typical season phenomenon – not the rainless skies of the last few weeks.

My condo neighbors continue to provide community support with Will as the hub.  I like his sense of humor and easy acceptance of this life style.  Nadid, the pool boy, has offered to sell me his bike for $50.00 so he can buy Wills.  Will says he is too big for his bike bc the tires flatten when he tries to ride it.  

There is lots of talk about transportation methods.  I continue to use the taxi for in town – about 1 mile – shopping.   Less walks his runner’s body everywhere.  Rhett uses his electric golf cart and has his bike for back up – though he has the same issue as Will with flat tires.  Curly appears to be a walker too.

With time on my side it makes sense to tone my walking muscles, at least into town.  I can catch a cab home if I have bags.  My goal for next week is to start walking into town.   Wow, who would have thought that my focus would be on transporting my body.  That reminds me there are kayaks for rent on the beach – another way to moveJ.  

I was hoping to create a blog to post my pics and these messages BUT my computer has decided it doesn’t speak English and will only give me directions in Spanish when I am online.  I will continue to hunt for a solution in my spare time:0 

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Goggle has decide to switch to Chrome in Spanish.

I have a nice video of the beach to share.


Pura Vida,   Dianne

August 6


August 6,

The water decided not to come out of the faucets this morning.  Fortunately, I discovered its reluctance before I had put shampoo in my hair and my morning dip in the pool had already refreshed me. 

 I asked my go-to-it neighbor, Will, if this was a common occurrence.  He informed me it does happen but not predictable.  He didn’t know why it happened and said it always came back on eventually. 

 I contemplated the issue of having reliable utilities all afternoon and decided that here in CR it didn’t really bother me as long as I knew I would have access sometime.

I’m not sure I would be so tolerant in the USA if my water stopped flowing or my electricity went out.  I wonder why that is?

 Did I mention the iguanas that occupy the vegetation around the condo?  Some are quite large – chicken weight and some are bright green .  They walk with a certain regal bearing up and down the Palms and even on the road.   They are also protected by the law.  So, cars and bikes have to stop for them.

 I also noticed that there are no crawly bugs in my condo and I rarely see any in the yard.   I do have a midnight blue dragonfly that hangs around the pool and several yellow butterflies.  I like that the bugs stay in their own environment.

I got to Skype with my brother this morning and show off my new sun kissed tan. ) 

Hasta for now,   Dianne




Day 4


August 5

My first Sunday in CR!  Surprisingly, no church bells or processions evident like in Mexico.

I adore the mental space around me as much as the physical.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to choose my thoughts and activities.  Most of all I love that I can change my mind at will!!

Curly, whom I met a few days ago, shared a bit of his story with me yesterday by the pool.  He’s been living in this condo for three years, divorced, from Salt Lake City – Mormon?  Tall, Blond curly hair (a clue) Great shape despite back injury from auto accident.  He’s living on disability income and plans to stay in CR. I have no idea of age, 40’s.

Less lives adjacent to me on the second story.  He’s a tall E. Indian and has been here for 1 years.  We’ve only talked in passing.

I think I’ve met all the tenants – which leaves three units on the first level vacant.

2nd floor from left to right  – Will, Me, Less, Curly

1st floor “                  “        –  Rhett – – –

I’m the only female 😉

I had visitors at my pool time this morning – friends of Will’s – two pregnant CR women one 7 months, Marissa and the other 5 months, Catalina. What a gift!  I got to listen to their babies HR with my handy monitor and palpate and talk in Spanish.  Marissa wants to do a water birth in our pool.

She was told the baby is a boy and needs baby boy clothes.  So if you know of any one with spare boy baby clothes, please send.  PS I think the baby is a girl but it wont’ care if it wears boy clothes.

Hasta, Dianne




Day 2


August  3, 2012 – Day 2  Las Palmas, Costa Rica

Today I made my condo into a home.   I bought a cotton yellow/green striped bed spread to replace the fuzzy brown one, draped a scarf over the brown futon,  cleaned with green products and remembered to throw  my toilet paper in  the garbage can,  not the toilet – don’t want to plug the pipes. 

I continue to have free saunas when I leave the house.   I visited the Second Hand store, again and met Sue the owner, a kindred spirit.  We’re going to party next week while her husband is out of town.  HOLA

I also met another neighbor during my morning pool exercises  – Rhett.   He has a dog named Stohl, is a self proclaimed Christian, and Republican from TX.    He’s also an ex- lawyer disillusioned with the system.  Seems it was President Carter that corrupted everything with his lying about his affair.   

Also met another neighbor at the second hand store named Curly.  No history on him, yet.

I am very proud of myself for navigating transportation to town and purchasing my first burn phone as well as seducing the ATM into giving me dollars!!

I also obtained a map of the town – you know the colorful kind with advertizing.  At least now I have an idea of where town is in relation to my home.

I want to buy a Banana Bike with a basket so I can be more independent.  I’ll have to wait for next deposit of cash and hopefully more muscle strength.

Harvey, the property manager just stopped in with my coffee pot, new kitchen rug and lamp.  Yippee.

Blissful in Coco Beach,    Dianne


Day 1


August 2, 2012

My exact living space is located in the Region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica in the village  of Playas del Coco.  My condo is in the Las Palmas Urbanization.

My ‘magic jack’ telephone is a TX # 936-242-3364 .  The number is routed through my computer so I have to be present to answer but you can leave a message & I can call you back.

I am a block from the beach which harbors lots of fishing boats – grey sand but very serene.  The humidity is high… and my body is loving the natural steam bath!

My condo does have air and all the basic needs 3rd world style.

There is a large expat community from USA & Canada – all relocated for same reason I have – all are very friendly.  I am practicing my Spanish with the locals. The food cost a lot more than I realized (a head of broccoli for $6.00 !!)  I am scouting for the local market and how to transport myself – maybe a bike?  For now I use the informal taxis.

I feel very alive, safe and blissful on my first full day in CR.

My next door neighbor is an African American named Will from  NC – late 30’s. He’s been here a year and is learning Spanish.  He has a herd of girlfriends and has been very helpful in sharing his experiences and insights.

The pool boy is a youthful Costa Rican (Tico) named Nadir and is also very friendly – hugs and help with Spanish.

I went to the ‘second hand’ store today run by former tenants of this condo, Sue & Mike.  Definitely the place to chat.  Also, have a Java Cafe 1/2 block away… with Wi-Fi and excellent iced coffee – another place to practice Spanish.

More Later – Dianne