September Special



Moving into a new space is such an energy shift.  I like the new space and have had to adjust once again my ingrained habits.  My kitchen now faces in the opposite direction from before with two big windows. ++++

I also have a two decker fridge with a separate freezer 2 X the size of my previous one. Yippie!!! I make a lot of ice smoothies with coffee & cinnaman.  The cookware is scant but I have two extra blenders.  Wonder what others were doing? The manager is restocking for me.  Guess the guys don’t cook much.

Have you noticed that at least part of every one of my blogs contains information about FOOD?

I met two young (20’s) expats in the village today.  They were from FL doing a work tenet arrangement with one of the restaurants/resort condos.  They have both decided to stay ALAP (as long as possible) since they didn’t feel they could get jobs in USA or afford to live there.  One of the women has small children.  She felt that they get better services in CR than FL. 

Jason, the Korean Am., left yesterday to return to CA and tend his uncle’s bakery.  He says he’ll return again.  I really loved knowing that his generation has the adventure spirit.

Hasta, Dianne

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