Road Trip to Liberia


Sue & I did a road trip to Liberia this Morning bc I wanted to see what was there for future resources.  We planned to take the bus, an hour none air conditioned trip.  I called my favoerite taxi driver, Luis to drive us to the bus stop.  I wanted to postpone the confortation with the heat. 


Luis’ Taxi

On the way we discussed the typical taxi fare to Liberia – to practice our Spanish.  Luis speaks English too and has been very helpful in past IDing resources.  Suddenly, Sue handed me half the fare Luis had quoted for a special taxi exercusion rate ahora!!! She only had to mumble ‘he has air conditioning’ to convience me to accept the specialist trip.

Liberia entrance



I was so excited to explore real stores I forgot to take pics!!! Maybe next time.  It reminded me a lot of Cuernavaca on a smaller scale. 

On the way back Luis stopped at ‘the Italian Store’ where we bought large containers of Olvie Oil and had gratis expresso.  There is a German bakery near  also  for next trip.

Image Image

We took a differnt route back to Coco following the mountain road.



View of Las Palmas ( our subdivision) from above



I have been living within the Coco Beach area for a month and had not know of all the sites available in my corner of the world.   Sue and I made a pack to do more exploring – maybe a boat trip next.

I highly recommend Luis’s taxi tour for all new residence!!! 89758159 telephone # or email 

Hasta, Dianne

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