Shake Rattle and Roll Morning


Yes I felt it!! My first earthquake – an undocumented feature of living in CR.

I didn’t know what was happening.  First I heard a very loud roar and thought a big truck was passing.  Just as I went to look out the window the whole apartment started shaking I thought the truck ran into the building.  Then immediately dismissed that as farfetched and decided a bomb was more likely.  Didn’t think ‘earthquake’ until I heard my neighbors say the word.

I’m a slow responder – so when all the shaking was over and neighbors went back inside their condos, I decided I needed to finish my shopping.  I rode my bike into town and was amazed at all the traffic on the road.  The beach looked calm and boats floating upright.  It wasn’t until I arrived at the grocery store that I noticed the police turning everyone away and that all the electric doors were shuttered closed.  Side effect of no electricity as well as the tossing and turning.  The police told me that the epicenter of the ‘tremor’ was on the adjacent pennsula at  7 pts.  Later I learned there was a Tsunmai warning as well.

On my way home from my aborted shopping trip, I began noticing the reaction of the people more and the closed shops.  There was no noticable damage to buildings.

Back at the condo, I hung with neighbors by pool to discuss what to do next.  We are  all virgin earthquake survivors and wondered about the likelyhood of a Tsunami.  The condo’s manager’s wife stopped by to tell us that there was a warning and that we should evacuate up the hill.  This information led to a discussion of ‘go bags’ vs ‘assault bags’ .. and we all left to pack for evacuation.

Sue stopped by to tell us someone had access to internet in her building and she’d learned the evacuation warning was lifted.

I jumped in the pool to cool off and wonder when the electricity would be reconnected. Thankfully a rainstorm decided to help and then the electricity came on.

Now I wonder about my response to the earthquake  —  shop – really?

Dianne reporting at noon from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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