911 Wake UP



Yesterday I had another illusion busting event neatly inserted into my life in paradise.

NO it wasn’t the toliet refusing to flush or the leaking sink aftereffect of the quake.  Harvey, the apt. manager responded cheerfully and effectively to these minor alterations.

Nor was it the mosquitos getting first dibs on my body when I sat down for my splurge day lunch.  The restaurant graciously provide OFF repelent and served a tasty colorful meal to my carb restricted body.  Yummy.

THE EVENT resulted from an earlier interaction with a Pharmacy where I was told my USA RX would be honored ….. and at a much cheaper rate than in USA.  Yesterday, I took my RX medicines to them and was surprised when I was given small prepackaged meds with 1/2 my dose – 14 pills instead of the monthly 30 pills RX.  When I inquired about the cost per package I was SHOCKED.

My $4 RX from Walmart in USA was quoted to me at $16 for 1/2 the # of pills!! 

I have either gone to the wrong Pharmacy or the idea that medication cost is cheaper in CR is a myth. I will continue to investigate and BREATH the Pura Vida.

Dianne reporting on 9/11 from Costa Rica – an alternative illusion.

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