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CR a land for all seasons


One of my favorite activities is editing pictures with AJ.  He actually does all the editing with MAC’s help and my non verbal comments.

Creating slide shows is my speciality since I haven’t shown AJ how to do it.

These pictures reminded me of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons and wanted to be displayed with the theme song.

Pura Vida

Fractured Camera


My camera developed a terminal case of fractured screen so that the photographer can not SEE what is in the viewfinder.  It does take pictures.

My photographer, AJ, has developed a special telepathic connection with the camera.  He continues to produce extraordinary photos without seeing the image.

I have created a slideshow with my MAC to illustrate some of the pics in fracture mode for fun.   In Joy.


Sueday Bar-B-Que


Starting the fire.

Ready to burn.

Cook tending the meat.

Les giving Sue hug.

Sharon & Sue enjoying whine (ups wine).

Cheers to Sue!!

Time to eat.

Where’s the beef.

Veggie person transitions to meat – yummy.

Desert man takes earthquake stance.

Mi Casa es Su Casa Sue.

Sue chatting with Curly.

Sue leaves Costa Rica next weekend for the states where  she will reunite with Mike and kids to plan her next adventure.


Power to the circuits


Last night the power went to sleep and forgot to wake up until midday.  What would you do without electricity in your home ?

No TV, no hot food, no internet access, no laundry,…………  I did get to do my water aerobics in the pool and then take a long nap ZZZZ.

Tomorrow we’re throwing Sue a going away pot luck at Massey.  I’ll take pictures.

Pura Vida.

Coco Kids


Another rainy day morning in Coco and I was feeling a little blue wondering what to put in my post today.

In the process of reviewing my iPhoto Library I was drawn to the pics of kids and wondered how to group them.  After some trial and error, I figured out how to create an albumn of kid photos into a slide show.  The end result made me smile and I hope it does the same for you.

Pura Vida.