Nicaragua Tour continued …


[Please see previous post for begining of tour]

Masaya Volcano Park active volcano. We could only spend short time viewing because of toxic smoke.  ?? about non smoking signs? ?   



Guess this Volcano didn’t get the public health/saftey memo.



Granada Central Park








Statue honoring women… 



Visit to Courthouse across street





Cigar Factory – old style






This pottery vendor followed the bus from Factory to Central Park to complete a  bargain sale when he didn’t initially have change for my dollars.  

I do not have pics of the late lunch and children’s birthday party or the shopping plaza bc I left my backback on the bus when we stopped.  The bus went to a repair shop to fix the first flat tire that occured in Masaya Park.  The second flat tire delayed us again on our return to the boarder.  Thankfully the tour guides found a repair site open with a lift for the bus and a restaurant with clean bathrooms!!!

Life is good.  I am now, home, rested and ready for Pura Vida.

Dianne reporting from Coco Beach Costa Rica.




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