Guess Who Spent the Night with me?


YES, I had a male visitor in my condo all of last night.

He was too groggy after his altering surgery to go home.  I even carried him down the stairs at midnight so he could relieve his bladder.  The situation reminded me of an earlier life when I worked for a vet.

Vet care, like human health care in Costa Rica is different than in USA. Street animals get gratis neutering if they can be caught.   Hugo, AJ’s street dog, is older than most and has never been attached to a human until now.  I’m not sure about the immunization status of dogs here or what is used for worming and skin rashes.

The vet gave AJ some pills of unknown composition.  I couldn’t find them on the pill look up.  One is a white circle tablet the other a red and black capsusle – pain, antibiotic, anti itch meds???????

If anyone has a clue what these pills do please let me know.

Hugo relaxing in my condo:

Pura Vida.

Dianne reporting from Coco Beach, Costa Rica.

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