Pool Time


Hola,  I’m experimenting with format and time for video.  The above greeting Pura Vida is issued from my pool.  My voice was not picked up so my photographer, AJ, supplied the words.  I had to cut down the time to get it to upload.

I have completed the Sand People presentation and want to share it – the reason for my video experiments. I hope to have the solution soon.

Meanwhile, know that I continue to enjoy Coco and all its delights.

Example: I suggested that my neighbor used bamboo poles for curtain rods.  We hunted in the stores for rods – like the ones at Pier 1 and found nada.  Then it occured to us that the land was full of bamboo.  We asked Nadir, our maintenance man, if he could get us some.  Volia he appeared an hour later with a beautiful green pole gratis mother nature.

Pura Vida,

Dianne reporting from Coco in Costa Rica.

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