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Dry Hills of Summer


85% today with a morning rain shower.

It is the first rain I have experienced in weeks. Ahhhh mosit air so soothing to inhale.

My neighbor has guest from Portland, OR who have come to escape the wet weather.  I hope we can share a balanced day with a sunny afternoon for their beach pleasure.

Following are pics of the southern hill top above Coco Beach. I took them yesterday with my iPhone.  Note the yellow area on top of the hill – signs of summer.


Food for wellness


Have you ever felt slightly nauseated and missed several meals?  Fruit popcycles and Gingerale are the only food stuff that can pass through your mouth without causing a sever gag reflex.  Yesterday,everything my friend suggested was rejected by my internal sensory mechanisms.  No beans, No chicken, No eggs …none of my staples.  As the day continued I felt weaker and my brain didn’t want to function.

Was I loosing my 80% wellness gained over the last week?

I awoke from a deep sleep to the smell of BLT with avacado (California style).

Who would have known that this old time favorite would be the path to recovery?  Thank You AJ for sharing your food prep skills.


Changing to the DRY Season


The Mango tree across the street from my condo turning brown = signs of winter. (taken with my iPhone)

And yes the leaves are falling.  They are raked up daily by the landscapers.

The hills above Coco Beach are spotchy with brown patches and the dry puffs of wind rattles the trees.

For some unknown reason the air does not penetrate my condo windows – only the desiccated results.  GingerAle is my new favorite beverage.

This morning I took a plunge  in the pool after 2 weeks away.  Brrrrrrrr.  I thought this season was suppose to be hotter than the previous one.  The pool water didn’t get the message.  Maybe it’s the changing angle of the sun on the pool that keeps the water cool.  It did feel good to move my joints and jog around.

With the changing season I feel the need to change my diet.  AJ is trying to tempt me with fried onion rings and meatloaf but my hunger sensors are not cooperating.  I’m not a big fried food fan in the best of times.

I have noticed that all dairy products taste different here and have been easy to avoid.  Maybe some frozen fruit will satisfy?

I’m also considering adding bread back into my diet to see if it reduces the congestion in my head.

Pura Vida,

Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, CR

Wellness is ……


It has been a long time since my last post – for a reason.   I have been sick.

Being sick is never fun. Being sick in a foreign country raises dark thoughts and feelings of helplessness.  None of these emotions seemed appropriate to share on my adventure page so I have been mute.   I was considering just not acknowledging this part of my adventure and focusing on the changing season instead.  However, that muse (season changes) would not reveal itself until I dealt with the sickness issue.

I tried to begin this post by defining sickness and discovered the topic was such a downer I couldn’t proceed.  I searched the web for pictures that expressed sickness so I could avoid putting words to the feelings.  I couldn’t find anything that reflected my state of being.

This morning I reached the 80% recovery point and  was able to see the situation from a different perspective – that of WELLNESS.


In order for these ingredients to exist we must have …..

More importantly one must BELIEVE that choices exist.

When I was sick, I didn’t beleive I had any choices despite offers of help from my neighbors and friends.  Sleep was the only remedy that sooth my awareness of constant discomfort.  The idea of returning to my former home near family  gave me comfort though I knew it would not change my condition.  I beleived I had more CHOICES  there.  I would have a familar choice of foods to eat, medication to take and protection from infection – a safer environment.

I have discovered the idea of a safe environment is very subjective.  I desperately miss the chilly coolness of fall and the smell of winter snow whereas my friends here have no desire to experience any cold.  I long for an environment that does not require bug spray and am still irritated that the locals insist it is my pale skin that attracts the bites.  Feels like victim blaming to me.

I am following the advise of my sisters to not make any decisions about the future until I feel  100% better.  In the meantime I am looking forward to my Holiday trip to NM and green chilli in December.


Dengue Fever in Costa Rica


This little blood sucker can take a grown man down in a matter of days.

It delivers a virus it has picked up along it’s travels and leaves it in the blood of it’s next meal.  The virus is manifested in the recipient as Denque Fever.   New cases of the Fever have increased 38% in this part of Costa Rica in the last year. The symptoms while rarely fatal are painful.  It’s alternate name – Bone Breaking – is an indication of this.

Thankfully, I have not experienced the fever directly, yet (fingers crossed).  I am observing a friend progress through the stages – High fever, aching joints & muscles, severe headache, dehydration.  Not sure if there is a rash bc of sun kissed skin tone.  It is due on day 3-4.

Pain is constant and reported at 10 on a 10 point scale.  My friend does have a dry cough not listed in the symptom complex of Dingue, so it may be a co existing allergy.  His lungs are clear bilaterally to auscultation — I love doing my medical lingo which means there is no signs of breathing problems.

Treatment is supportive measures – hydrate , rest and observe for complications like bleeding, coma… etc. Hospitalization &/or a doctor’s visit will not provide any additional comfort or cure at this point – unless complications develop.

My patient is calling for attention.  I will report more later.

Please leave suggestions in the comment section if you have experience with this illness.


Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

The Beauty of Nature


Today I would like to share some insights brought to my attention in the form below.

The Beauty of Nature versus The Human Fixation.  Grassy Fields or Plastic Turf?  by Jan Lundberg,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

The following quotes have been distilled by me from the article for those wanting a quick peek.

“….human fixations obscure the beauty of nature.”

“We easily forget that the entire basis of our lives is the whole natural universe. We fail to enjoy the amazing sights, sounds and smells of non-human nature that are still around .”

Pictures by AJ with blind viewfinder – Amazing!

A happy medium of putting the Earth first for health and community, while using nature wisely for our individual and collective advantage, is not only possible but exists today in many instances — even in industrial society.”


Youth band celebrating nature on Playas del Coco.

Flipped out in nature.

The Park Tree provides support for human creativity.

As always my gratitude is given to AJ for his magical ability to capture the beauty of nature in photography and my new home in Costa Rica that is full of delightful examples of nature used for our collective advanatage.


Goodbye Wet Winter


In this upside down land near the equator I am saying goodbye to Winter (wet) and hello to Summer (dry).  The signs of summer’s approach are falling leaves and brown patches of grass on the hillsides accompanied by frequent hot dry winds that shake the trees.  This is my first dry season in Costa Rica.

Before I begin documenting the coming  seasonal changes, I would like to present images that celebrate the fruits of Winter – the Flowers of Coco Beach.

Pura Vida

Child Like


My mood this morning was cloaked in despair from hearing bad advise.

Why is child like behavior in adults discouraged?  Is it fear that man-made rules will be challenged if everyone follows their intuitive knowing of the world’s wonders?

The following pics are taken of children …… being child like and celebrates the divine within us all.

My wish is the pics will infuse you with hope as they do for me.


Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, Costa Rica