Changing to the DRY Season


The Mango tree across the street from my condo turning brown = signs of winter. (taken with my iPhone)

And yes the leaves are falling.  They are raked up daily by the landscapers.

The hills above Coco Beach are spotchy with brown patches and the dry puffs of wind rattles the trees.

For some unknown reason the air does not penetrate my condo windows – only the desiccated results.  GingerAle is my new favorite beverage.

This morning I took a plunge  in the pool after 2 weeks away.  Brrrrrrrr.  I thought this season was suppose to be hotter than the previous one.  The pool water didn’t get the message.  Maybe it’s the changing angle of the sun on the pool that keeps the water cool.  It did feel good to move my joints and jog around.

With the changing season I feel the need to change my diet.  AJ is trying to tempt me with fried onion rings and meatloaf but my hunger sensors are not cooperating.  I’m not a big fried food fan in the best of times.

I have noticed that all dairy products taste different here and have been easy to avoid.  Maybe some frozen fruit will satisfy?

I’m also considering adding bread back into my diet to see if it reduces the congestion in my head.

Pura Vida,

Dianne reporting from Playas del Coco, CR

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