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Land of Enchantment Delivers


Good Morning from NM – Land of Enchatment,

Today the Land provided a pleasant surprise in addition to it’s everyday treats.

View this post to end to discover the gift.

NM Cactus

Cactus buds adorn lawns.

NM apples

Last apples hanging as treats for the wildlife.

Tin ManTin Man guards home faithfully….


while windmills offer resistance.

Dry arroya

Dry arroya – no motor vehicles allowed.

Road graveRoad side marker by arroya for one of the many teen victims to vehicular homocide in NM.

Sandia Mt.

Sandia 2

Sandia mountains displaying her watermelon stripes.


snow back

SNOW dusting the back yard.

snow front

SNOW in the front yard and more falling on the mountains.

She left the roads clear ♥

Tomorrow begins a new calendar year – 2013 and for many marks the setting of new patterns.  I intend to continue with my after 60 exploration of life and sharing my discoveries.  Some of the patterns that have attracted my attention in my search for a new home are:

  • Living on a fixed income – benifits & perils.
  • Taxation without representation revisited.
  • Getting where you want to go – Public vs Private transportaion.

Please continue to share your comments and observations.


To Hugo in CR from ABQ, NM


Hugo greetings from the NM pack.  What did you get for Holiday?

We all got grooming equipment and more chew bones.

Buffy presentBuffy 2 YO female selects present.

Buffy & Aries

Buffy shows present to Aries 1 YO male youngest of the pack.Shadow & Buffy brushing

Shadow the oldest male enjoying grooming along with Buffy in back ground.

ML is the self proclaimed alpha bitch of the pack.

Sending Good sniffs and sand dances to you,

Shadow, Buffy and Aries in ABQ, NM.

Full Moon – Albuquerque


Full Moon skyFull moon hanging over the east mountain seen from my front door.

Moon from mesaFull moon over ABQ seen from west mesa.

blue sky

NM Blue SKY in morning.

NM is all about the sky and always seeing the horizon line.

The first thing one does when exiting home in NM is to check out the sky.  It is a learned habit I had put out of my consciousness.  Yet now, I realize the habit was always there.  In CR, it was the ocean that set the horizon  – without it I felt lost.

My son told me that it was knowing & seeing the horizon that allowed for an open mind and imagination.   He was raised in ABQ.

The full moon & visible horizons has inspired me.   The moon goes through cycles – waxing & waning change with a stable horizon always present for guidance.

It feels good to be inspired in the Land of Enchantment.

What’s in your horizon?


NM Outside my retreat


My morning walk provided some ‘outside’ views of my NM retreat but my new camera doesn’t have the same quality for some reason…… maybe it’s the photographer.

Mt view

This is the view of the mountains in the east at the end of my street.

mt 2

west side

West facing view of my sister’s houses.  The mesa is covered by clouds.

Arroya plants

Paved arroya leading to drainage ditch is filling with plants.  Skatboarding anyone?

Albuquerque, NM is a big beach missing it’s ocean.

Celebrating in NM


Welcome to my NM retreat!

Let’s celebrate my Birthday, the Winter Solstice & Holiday cheer.


Birthday Girl

My cakeChococlate on chocolate Bday cake with homemade decorated toppings.

ML & Jo

Sisters ML & JoAnn.

Jo lighting ML's tree

Sister JoAnne stringing tree lights on ML’s fresh tree.

Abba Emma Cliff & friend with tree

My nephew Cliff, standing with nieces, EmmaLee & Abba with NM friend ‘guarding’ the scene at ML’s house.

Tree time

More tree time pictures by ML.


Cousins Cliff, Abba & Emma hanging out in guest room.


Emma, beautiful and sophisticated, planning her next book.

Sorry for the long delays in getting my pics and post on line.  I’ve had to learn a new camera and dedicate time to communicate.   I wanted to share pics of the delicious food but it was consumed before I could remember to click the pic.   Xmas eve should present another opportunity for my sisters to show their cooking skills.   I promise to get it recorded.

Know that I think frequently of my friends in Costa Rica and love sharing your stories with my family & friends.

Pura Vida

Happy Birthday Celebration – a time to reset patterns.


Back in the USA, my sister filled her house with flowers for my birthday celebration.

NM Bday

Annually, I use my birthday anniversary as a time to reflect and record my personal memories and set out new patterns.

My stay in Costa Rica has changed my perceptions of life and offers new challenges to creating an after 60’s lifestyle.

Can I live comfortably without owning a car?   What are the ‘walkablity’ scores of the areas I want to live?  What is necessary for me to feel safe and stimulated?  Do I need a Whole Foods store in my neighboorhood?  Do I want to have a pet again? What weather feels best to me?

And the questions continue as I create my tapestry of life. ……

Stay tuned.

The world is not ending today.  However, everything is changing.



It has been over three weeks since the fever started burning my body.  Yes, I had a feeling bettter period of a few days  and the cough went away.  The fever returned last week more intensly and today there is a rash.  I sleep a lot and have no appetitie. AJ made me chicken vegtable noodle soup from scratch.

I don’t have a diagnosis – only symptoms.  It is obviously a virus. Blood test may give it a name but no treatment is available.  My condo manager said the doctor at the social clinic  had 56 active cases of Dengue here in Coco Beach.  This number does not include the private practice docs.

I have decided to return to the states a week earlier, Dec 11, so I can have access to my sister’s healing touch and hopefully feel better by the Holiday season.  In the meantime you will find me chugging Gingerale from my condo bed and sleeping.

Pura Vida

Hello December


18 days to my departure to USA for my Bday/Holiday celebration.


  • Will it feel cold
  • Will my iPhone unlocked work
  • What foods will I ingest
  • Will I remember how to drive a car and speak English at the check out counter
  • Will I have warm clothes to wear
  • Will it snow in the mountains
  • Will my body feel better