Full Moon – Albuquerque


Full Moon skyFull moon hanging over the east mountain seen from my front door.

Moon from mesaFull moon over ABQ seen from west mesa.

blue sky

NM Blue SKY in morning.

NM is all about the sky and always seeing the horizon line.

The first thing one does when exiting home in NM is to check out the sky.  It is a learned habit I had put out of my consciousness.  Yet now, I realize the habit was always there.  In CR, it was the ocean that set the horizon  – without it I felt lost.

My son told me that it was knowing & seeing the horizon that allowed for an open mind and imagination.   He was raised in ABQ.

The full moon & visible horizons has inspired me.   The moon goes through cycles – waxing & waning change with a stable horizon always present for guidance.

It feels good to be inspired in the Land of Enchantment.

What’s in your horizon?


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