Land of Enchantment Delivers


Good Morning from NM – Land of Enchatment,

Today the Land provided a pleasant surprise in addition to it’s everyday treats.

View this post to end to discover the gift.

NM Cactus

Cactus buds adorn lawns.

NM apples

Last apples hanging as treats for the wildlife.

Tin ManTin Man guards home faithfully….


while windmills offer resistance.

Dry arroya

Dry arroya – no motor vehicles allowed.

Road graveRoad side marker by arroya for one of the many teen victims to vehicular homocide in NM.

Sandia Mt.

Sandia 2

Sandia mountains displaying her watermelon stripes.


snow back

SNOW dusting the back yard.

snow front

SNOW in the front yard and more falling on the mountains.

She left the roads clear ♥

Tomorrow begins a new calendar year – 2013 and for many marks the setting of new patterns.  I intend to continue with my after 60 exploration of life and sharing my discoveries.  Some of the patterns that have attracted my attention in my search for a new home are:

  • Living on a fixed income – benifits & perils.
  • Taxation without representation revisited.
  • Getting where you want to go – Public vs Private transportaion.

Please continue to share your comments and observations.


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