ART can be defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.  It is a subjective experience.

The art of purchasing a car likewise is a creative, subjective experience with multiple dependent variables such as:

  •  The physical and legal ability (driver’s license) to drive
  • Financial resources – cash, credit for loan or lease
  • Knowledge of needs – # of miles / year, type transmission, size, gas mileage,  reliability (consumer ratings)
  • Car insurance

My past history of car purchasing has focused on acquiring new vehicles based on multiple false assumptions.  I call these assumptions my ‘Shell Game’.  Like with the shell game of finding the pea under the changing movement of shells it is based on the belief that I can focus on all the changing actions to track the current position of the pea.

These beliefs include:

  • New cars are more reliable than used cars.
  • Having good credit should be used to finance a loan, especially if it is no interest – let my money continue to earn interest for me in my bank.
  • Manufacture’s financing is better than a bank.
  • It is easier to find a new car that meets all my needs.
  • I have an accurate assessment of my needs now and for the life of the car.
  • All car insurance will cover any unforeseen accidents and is worth the cost.
  • I can anticipate and control all the variables of car ownership (predict the location of the pea.)
  • Car sales representatives are professionals trained to do the job of finding me a car and know better than myself what I need. They can be trusted.

Finally after years of negotiating and purchasing cars, I saw the slight of hand beneath the shells.  I traded in my current car prior to moving out of the country and discovered that the loan I thought I had negotiated was not as I assumed.  I had asked for a low monthly payment – which I received, but I didn’t keep my eye on the actual buy out cost of the loan.  At the time I didn’t anticipate selling so didn’t pay attention.  My buy out price was 50% of the car’s trade in value!!

NOW my decision to purchase a car was filled with ‘What ifs?’.  I no longer had confidence that I could beat the shell game and get what I needed.  I was consumed with a paralyzing FEAR (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) of doing it wrong.   My creativity was blocked.

View Segd’s workshop for actors (humans) for resources. ]

I remained in this state for several weeks feeling the uncomfortable sensations of being trapped and helpless until I had an in the moment feeling and knew what I had to do.   I consulted my siblings and allowed their wisdom and support to guide me.

The dynamic process of being embraced and allowed to ‘make a mistake’ was life altering and filled with laughter.

My new car is named MERLOT for her sparkling wine color.

She has an occasional shimmy but don’t we all?


Ford Taurus 04

MERLOT,  my 2004 Ford Tarus SE.

Thank you for your attention – be in the moment.



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