SLASHERS & GIGS – a new language.


I am one of those who can’t answer, “What do you do?” with a single word or phrase.

I am a SLASHER. (One Person / Multiple Careers: The Original Guide to the Slash Career –Marci Alboher.)

Veterinarian Receptionist / Research Psychologist / Childbirth Educator / Public Health Coordinator / Conference Planner / Computer Software Sales / Project Manager / Registered Nurse / Nurse Practitioner- Midwife/ Ambulatory Health Care Specialist / Semi-Retired

Years ago I was confronted with criticism for having multiple career interest and told my resume was too confusing.  I didn’t seem to fit into any category until my sister-in-law introduced me to the concept of ‘Creating a Life…’.

She suggested that I put together my life story as if I had pre planned all my career experiences.  Taking ownership and organizing my interest into a coherent form revitalized my resume and led to new opportunities.

A term used to describe ones work situation is the gig.   Like a performer of the arts providing discrete services, a person can have several / gigs covering different situations and time spans.  A full time, long term, work environment is not necessary.


I like the idea of viewing my work experiences as gigs.

In 2012 I explored retirement or at least a change in life style.  I moved to Costa Rica for several months where my fixed income could pay for living expenses and give me processing time to consider my options.

Recently, I became acquainted with the concept of an Encore Career through  and Ms Alboher’s new book The Encore Career Handbook: How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life.

Her guidebook has become my new adventure quest.  I adore the feel of creating an encore and redefining my ‘retirement’ years.


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  1. I like the ‘Slasher’ concept and I can certainly relate to it, having worn a number of hats in my working life. Certainly don’t see it as a negative as life experience is priceless. Best of luck with all of your new adventures. K.


  2. We are all on new ground. Like new terminology such as the phrase, “climate refugees” pops into 2013 lexicon. Simarlarly, new phrases bring differing aspects of our current times into gritty focus.
    Highly educated, on fixed income, wanting to make a difference. Thus,Slasher/work gives words to redefine how accounts for work, engageing lifes resources, and is not limited to what one is paid cash to do.
    It makes since. New phrases and words emerge and push up to common usage to define what is a more exact truth in telling our lifes experiences now.


  3. Life goes on…….I miss my little buddy. You included. I am trully blessed to have had both of you in my life. Never lose touch. PURA VIDA! Aj


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