oil wheel

Remember the idiom  – “Those who squeak the loudest get attention.” ?


It seems to be the guiding philosophy behind protest movements.  Perhaps it was learned as a toddler seeking mommy’s notice.


I am not aware of any studies that confirm this strategy and can think of multiple reasons why it could fail.

  •  As a mother, I found isolating the offending child to a room was often more effective in halting the irritation.


  • As an employee, I discovered my supervisor was more likely to register my complaints as a’ bad attitude’ on my evaluation form.

Squeaky wheel sweatshirt-8x6

None of my experiences prepared me for dealing with Merlot, my new 2004 Ford Taurus.  She started squeaking a few days after purchase and has continued intermittently for several weeks.   Random people have suggested that her struts & springs are failing.   I researched the results of these failings on the Internet and learned there were potentially dangerous consequences, if indeed this was the proper diagnosis.

My next action would require obtaining an accurate diagnosis.  I am familiar with how to diagnosis human failings but have little experience with treating cars.   In fact, I have a distrust / fear relationship with auto mechanics.  How will I know if the diagnosis is valid and more to the point how can I guarantee the repair and cost are appropriate?

Again, advise flowed from many sources.  If I substituted the subject of my car for a human body, I could understand why patients avoid medical diagnosis and find treatment choices so stressful.   I could obtain more than one opinion but the consults would cost $.  What if each opinion was different?  How would I choose which to follow?

Finally, I knew what I had to do.   I had to TRUST ME, my choice.

I had to pay attention to my feelings, my squeaky inside voice.


Once again I find it is the path and the process of getting to the answer not the solution that makes life such a grand ADVENTURE.


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  1. “The squeeky wheel gets the grease.” I have found where people are concerned, many have abused it. And those that should speak up, don’t — but hopefully with age, YELL when it’s needed!


  2. You are too funny! I have a friend here that knows this radio sho you can call and talk to some honest and knowlegable me who might be able to help you. I will pass on this info asap. Aj


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