$7 doesn’t move my gas guage


This morning I stopped to fill my gas tank and discovered I didn’t have my credit card.  I had to pay cash and only had $7.00.

gas guage

After pumping the full amount, I noticed that my guage had not moved.

I assumed the pump was broken and complained to the station attendant.  He assured me the amount of gas I had purchased was delivered by the pump to my car and gave me the contact person to verify the pump’s accuracy.

As I was driving away I calculated the amount of gas that $7 would buy – 2.2 gallons and realized I needed a more sensitve guage to verify purchases less than $10.00.


I needed to adjust my reality indicators.

Credit card purchasing had removed me from  direct contact with the experience of cash purchases and reduced my awareness of just how much of my money I was spending.

I wonder what other life indicators I am missing?

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  1. Well my friend the indicators are everywhere. Sad, but so true. Even here in CR everything is so damn expensive. When I got here 11 years ago we got 333 colones to a dollar. Today it’s close to 500 to a dollar. Back in those days you could buy a Costa Rican dinner for about 900 colones, which was just under $3. Today you can’t buy one for less than 3,000 colones or around $6. The world is trully going to shit. I can’t imagine 50 years from now how ridiculous it will be then. Thank goodness I’ll be long gone.


    • My first thought was, “What about the rest of us still here?!” Then, PAUSE, LONGER PAUSE, oh yeah, this body will more than likely be dead or I won’t be hitting too many dinners that it’d be a concern. Fifty years, imagine the damage people will have done to the planet by then!


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