UN Agenda 21


I do not know how to reblog a site so I am attaching the bog’s address.


UN Agenda 21 was recently brought to my attention.  I am still digesting its implications.  Please comment &/or  send more links.

Thanks for your attention.

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  1. I’m not really sure what the motive initially was by the UN, or now that an attempt to implement it in CA is benign and for the greater good, or has monstrous implications. Most all things can be good or bad, depending upon how it’s applied and the true, not publicly presented, intentions of those manipulating it.


    • Excellent point. I agree you can never know someone’s intentions and what looks monstrous for some may be helpful for others. CA is an unknown to me and certainly represents a different population than the UN as a whole. Should the UN make recommendations for the individual diverse parts?


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