A few days ago, I was ambushed by a herd of Tumbleweeds crossing the street in front of my car. As I waited for their bodies to scurry into the waiting roadside ditch, my curiosity was stirred.

tumbleweed conference

Where did these delightful beings come from?

Why was I grinning at their unpretentious flowing movement?

Why was I braking for plants while ice cream melted in my trunk?


My Google Internet search revealed Tumbleweed was naturalized over large areas of North America after being imported from continental Asia in the nineteenth century.  Like a large percentage of the USA population, it has immigrant roots and is held accountable for problems associated with its natural desert habitat.

Tumbleweeds are accused of having “a significant effect on wind soil erosion in open regions, particularly on dry-land agricultural operations where the outside application of additional moisture is impossible.”

 YET, they are frequently ignored for their enriching properties.

 “The tumbleweed is a diaspore, aiding in dispersal of seeds or spores. It does this by scattering the seeds as it tumbles, or after it has come to rest in a wet location.”

My viewing pleasure of their movement reflects an inner desire to also flow with my environment.

Tumble with the wind.

Sing a silent song of unfettered freedom.

Bounce from location to location dispensing seeds of life.

Please do not let the Western film stereotype of tumbleweeds symbolizing

“desolate, dry, and often humorless” locations prejudice you.

tumbleweed path

Finally, I brake to avoid harming all living things and to honor the sacred with my focus.

Namaste Tumbleweed



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  1. Your a pretty smart cookie. You don’t want to run over tumbleweeds. When they get under the hood they can create hell for you and your car. I remember when I was a little boy, they were everywhere in Orange County. Now, you can’t find them anywhere mostly because the OC has turned into a concrete jungle. I also remember my friends and I used to play in the empty fields making forts and the good friends the tumbleweeds used to be arranged to keep unwanted guests from enetering our fortress. Thanks for the memories woman. Aj


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