Water in Religion

Religion can influence climate change, encourage conservation and eliminate pollution. I’m not proposing that religious leaders voice opinions in matters of science and politics, there is too much of that already. Spiritual guidance, social behavior and salvation of souls are the rightful realm of religion. Religion has the role and responsibility to create positive effective change in society. New creative strategies are needed to bring awareness to an approaching world wide water crisis. To teach a reverence for water can be a strategy to bring about awareness and change.

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  1. Good subject……If only these Costa Rican could understand the importance of conserving water. Everywhere I turn I see some kind of form of water waste. In my small apartment I have a leaky faucet that easily wastes 10 gallons of water per day. I tell my landlord about it and he acts as if I’m bothering him. Thank goodness I don’t pay for water, but it bugs the hell out of me to see this precious natural resouce just drip away into the water wasteland. I believe in the future (maybe not in my lifetime) wars will be started over water.


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