The interaction of humans with their environment creates an inspirational muse that can mirror cycles of life – birth, death and rebirth.

 I found one of these creations near my neighborhood at the Pueblo Montaño

Trail Head Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico west of the Rio Grande River.

Montano bridge

Here the ancient river flow of the Rio Grande whispers the ingredients (time and change) for creation.

The land next to the river is a woody place called The Bosque.


 In 2003 a human ignited fire caused the cottonwood trees to smoke and burn.


fire blaze

Bosque fire fighter


What remained was a charred, dark reminder of a tragic interface between

man and nature.


 Open Space, a community mandate “to preserve the unique natural features of the metropolitan area” changed this tragedy into a unique, artistic expression of human love for the Bosque.

Signs were placed for humans to encourage the Nature Spirits to return.

recovery sign

 Local artist and firefighter Joseph Mark Chavez carved representative pieces from the cottonwood tree stumps left intact.

eagle cottonwood


Mother Nature in Tree

Tree woman


road runner sculpture


crane cottonwood

Firefighter with Dragon

Firefighter protector



Birds in tree woman

Coyotes guarding Bosque with their voices.

coyote scultures

Coyotes howl

Rebirthed Cottonwoods

Rebirth Cottonwood

Rebirth 2

Rebirth after fire

Thank you for giving your attention to the human-nature connection.

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