I do belief the pic is of a Dengue carrier mosquito.

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I have never made a secret of the fact I have an intense dislike for mosquitoes. Mainly, I have to admit, because they seem to like me. I react badly to having uninvited guests for dinner when I am the only thing on their menu. My ears may have lost the capacity to hear bats in the darkness, but even with them stuffed full of duvet I can still hear the incessant whine of a mosquito on the hunt for supper. There is an absolute and focussed awareness about these moments it is impossible to sleep through.

Of course, I have asked myself none too politely, what purpose the little buggers can possibly serve, feeling (usually as I itch and swell) that they must have been placed on this world for the sole purpose of being annoying. Yet I know full well they are more than that. They are themselves…

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  1. “labor of love” is definitely right! It seems like it was just ydtsereay that you whipped this inspiration board together for me. I can’t wait to see a years worth of crafting finally come+together! 🙂


  2. Awww come on woman…..I know you love all living things. Yes, these little bastards bug me as well and they got you and I sicker than dogs but there is a reason these little blood suckers exist. The thing I hate more than them was those coils you burnt on the patio to keep them away. Take care and I hope you never get bit again. Aj


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