Money, Money, Money

Mamma Mia! (The Movie Soundtrack)

Do the words from the song “…in a rich man’s world.” echo a dysfunctional cultural belief?

Does the thought of money elicit feelings of fun, happiness, and sunny days?   Or is the thought of money attached to beliefs of hard work, depression, and rainy days?

If you are like me, your answer is BOTH.

Feelings about money are not based on financial status.  They are a reflection of our thought-bubble-small thoughts.

I have experienced both poverty and wealth.  Neither has magically given me a steady state of happiness or grief.

Money is a medium of exchange, a giving and receiving.


Like a conversation, money requires human interaction.  Similar to all human actions, the exchange can feel good or bad.

Money itself is neutral.   It doesn’t care if you like it or not.  It doesn’t care how much you have or what political organization made it.  Money by its self is worthless.

You can survive without money.   Look at human history.   It is full of examples of pre-money survival when the medium of exchange was different – shared labor & skills, food exchange, bartering, real estate, inheritance.   Many of these non-money exchanges remain active today.

In my student days, I lived in a house subdivided by apartments.   In order to simplify the evening meal preparation, a system of shared cooking was developed in which one apartment would cook for everyone and receive $1 from each participants in the meal.   This accounting was kept on a large monthly chalkboard.   After a few months, it was evident that the accounts always balanced out so no actually money exchange was necessary.

Can you identify non-money exchanges you participate in?  Do you keep track of these interactions? If so, how?


Change your method of exchange.


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  1. Ex Change a transform time into a different economy. Understood valuation of goods and services . Good insight, and thanks for blogs of value,


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