I need more glasses and can not remember where I packed them.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Society demands we do our best

Striving, trying for the common goal

The home, the car, the holiday

Squeezing ourselves into a mould

Shaped by the grey people,

The tax collectors,

The nine to fivers

Caught by fear of failure

And bound by convention.

That is their safety net

Seeking justification

For their insecurities

In the reflection

Of our compliance.

I want to do my worst

To give life all I’ve got

To break the rules,

Twisting them and making sausage dogs

Of their inflated importance

Like a clown with a balloon.

To dive into sunsets

And drink the dawn

From an empty cup

Laughing in the morning.

Will you join me in a sunrise?


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  1. That’s why I decided 11 yrs back that I would no longer be an American Puppet. Individuality is where it’s at! Loving life!


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