What We See


I could not express this better, so I am introducing you to this delightful blog.

Just breathe.

the world in the heart

I have always found it fascinating how two people can look at the same thing or situation with strikingly different perceptions. How someone can see the light in the darkest of places or how someone misses the sun peeking through, because he or she is so focused on the clouds of whatever it is that they are feeling.

I think that the world has an admirable quality to help us determine what we need to work on. Because our own life reflects our inner world, just like clear water acts as a mirror. And if something is very wrong in our lives, then there must be something out of resonance within us also. The feelings we feel are our own. They do not just come because of a situation, they are triggered, yes, but there must be something within that then reacts to that. The things that irritate us theā€¦

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