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Just breathe.


“I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them. If I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”
 – Robert A. Heinlein

Freedom, it is something that cannot be bound with boundaries or lines. Freedom is the absence of conditions and restrictions. Freedom is the acceptance of one’s true self. It is the absence of resistance. It is the resonance with life itself. It is the greatest gift, yet it is also the greatest responsibility.

Freedom is standing true to yourself, your beliefs and your values, no matter the circumstances, no matter the fear, no matter the hardships that may come. It is knowing your truth strongly within your heart but…

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

amarex diagram 111

It was almost exactly eleven pm, and six hours later before I found the small piece of paper I had been tearing the house apart looking for. Every drawer, every cupboard, the car..the books…and it was panic stations as I need that bit of paper early this morning. I am driving a removal van today to bring my soon-to- be daughter’s things up from the south coast.

And the hire company are going to want my driving license after all.

So there was no chance of going to bed before I had located whatever ‘safe place’ I had put it.

It a about a year since I last saw it. The photocard is in my purse, but the paper counterpart? I thought it was in the papers I keep in my bag. No. Eek!

amarex diagram 100

I had started with the obvious places.. all the neatly filed important papers.. as one would…

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Will Psychologists Go the Way of the Cowboy?



Singer Paula Cole asked “where have all the cowboys gone?”, disillusioned that things are not what they had seemed to be at first.

Where is my Marlboro man?

Where is his shiny gun?

Where is my lonely ranger?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Yippee yo, yippee yeah

What do we value about cowboys?  In part, it’s their self-sufficiency, their adventurous, independent spirit, cool swagger and the ability to shoot a gun to save the day. I grew up being told cowboys were the coolest. Again, my mom referred to herself as “the Puerto Rican cowgirl”.  From an early age I wanted to be a psychologist partly due to Silence of the Lamb’s Clarice’s ability to kick some ass. She was the psychology cowgirl. But now, there are no cowboy movies and psychologists in the movies or TV are just as screwed up as their patients. Look at the show

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Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Have you ever noticed how many times we cling to the known rather than risk the adventure of the unknown… even when the known is not so good and the unknown full of alluring possibilities? Security is a major issue for most of us at some level.

I saw this in action recently as I watched an attempt to ‘go back’ to a place now long gone, by someone too afraid to move forward. I watched in sadness, knowing that the place that existed in memory was not the reality of that past, but an attempted escape from the present and the fears of an unknown future.

I recall a conversation with my boss very many years ago, when I was about to leave the security of her home and a decent salary for an itinerant musician. We sat in the garden just outside Paris, under the stars, talking for…

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Create Your Life


Just breathe.

a good life

There are many questions in this world that we seek. There are endless opportunities to discover new things also. Sometimes we are just too focused on the lack of knowledge that we miss it when the answer tries to reveal itself to us.

If truth is what we seek, could it be that it is already somehow known to us deep within? Only the walls we ourselves and other things that have influenced us have helped to build, must be taken down. We must reach the state of allowing by opening our minds and hearts without expecting a certain kind of result. For when we do that the truth will become tainted with how we like it to be and therefore no longer be the truth. For example, in order to know our true selves we must abandon the masks first without already creating yet another one by our expectation.

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KostrzewskiFranciszek.Grzybobranie.1860 Francis Korstzwski 1860 – Family Mushroom Hunt

      Austerity, Unemployment, Financial Decline are just a few of the recent trends leading to an abundance of time to reconfigure ones life and fill it with the free treasures of nature.   You do not have to return to the 1800’s to prosper from its cultural heritage.

            My recent move to Oregon reminded me of previous excursions into its landscape.  A favorite journey is into the forest during late summer and early fall to hunt mushrooms.  Actually discovering is a better word to describe the process of locating a likely plot and unearthing the gold.  Intuition plays a big part as well as sharing the magic with a friend or two.

Once one specimen is found others seem to appear near by from beneath the leaves and among the tree roots.  It is a perfect example of the power of attraction by focusing on what is.

Di's mushroom

My First Chanterelle Find

            My bother and sister-in-law, who advised the seeking of one type of mushroom – the Golden Chanterelle, facilitated my first discovery trip.   This was good advice and a great metaphor for life.  By focusing on one type, I was not distracted by all the other forest offerings and was more fruitful in my search.

chanterellus basket Basket full of Chanterelle

Enjoy discovering life.

Seeking Fossils


Seeking Fossils


fosillized fish & coprolite

Fossilized Fish and Coprolites


My love of fossils dates from childhood.  My father, a geologist, would bring rocks home  from field trips with imbedded fish coprolite (fossilized feces).   My job was to gently remove the coprolites with needle and tweezers.

I felt I had contributed to a great scientific finding when my father placed the extracted coprolites in a specimen bag labeled with my initials, date and the content.  I recall my delight in reading the printed label – “petrified fish poop” and repeating it loudly to my siblings without shame.

 crap fossil

Ancient Crab

There is something sacred about holding a form that is thousands of years old.

Fossils are like written words, just more enduring.

They are an ideal media to express nature’s creations

 fossils in rock

Fossils are nature’s art.

Oregon beaches are treasure troves of fossils both imbedded and as free rocks.

fossil bch Above is a beach at low tide with imbedded fossils.

imbedded in time Imbedded fossil wall on beach.

 OR Bch rocks

 Beach next to eddy with fossils & sculpted rocks for picking up.

fossil clams

old age clam

Happy Hunting.