Seeking Fossils


Seeking Fossils


fosillized fish & coprolite

Fossilized Fish and Coprolites


My love of fossils dates from childhood.  My father, a geologist, would bring rocks home  from field trips with imbedded fish coprolite (fossilized feces).   My job was to gently remove the coprolites with needle and tweezers.

I felt I had contributed to a great scientific finding when my father placed the extracted coprolites in a specimen bag labeled with my initials, date and the content.  I recall my delight in reading the printed label – “petrified fish poop” and repeating it loudly to my siblings without shame.

 crap fossil

Ancient Crab

There is something sacred about holding a form that is thousands of years old.

Fossils are like written words, just more enduring.

They are an ideal media to express nature’s creations

 fossils in rock

Fossils are nature’s art.

Oregon beaches are treasure troves of fossils both imbedded and as free rocks.

fossil bch Above is a beach at low tide with imbedded fossils.

imbedded in time Imbedded fossil wall on beach.

 OR Bch rocks

 Beach next to eddy with fossils & sculpted rocks for picking up.

fossil clams

old age clam

Happy Hunting.

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