KostrzewskiFranciszek.Grzybobranie.1860 Francis Korstzwski 1860 – Family Mushroom Hunt

      Austerity, Unemployment, Financial Decline are just a few of the recent trends leading to an abundance of time to reconfigure ones life and fill it with the free treasures of nature.   You do not have to return to the 1800’s to prosper from its cultural heritage.

            My recent move to Oregon reminded me of previous excursions into its landscape.  A favorite journey is into the forest during late summer and early fall to hunt mushrooms.  Actually discovering is a better word to describe the process of locating a likely plot and unearthing the gold.  Intuition plays a big part as well as sharing the magic with a friend or two.

Once one specimen is found others seem to appear near by from beneath the leaves and among the tree roots.  It is a perfect example of the power of attraction by focusing on what is.

Di's mushroom

My First Chanterelle Find

            My bother and sister-in-law, who advised the seeking of one type of mushroom – the Golden Chanterelle, facilitated my first discovery trip.   This was good advice and a great metaphor for life.  By focusing on one type, I was not distracted by all the other forest offerings and was more fruitful in my search.

chanterellus basket Basket full of Chanterelle

Enjoy discovering life.

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  1. So my friend, what did you do with the shrooms? Have you changed your diet to go along with your new environent? You are so cool and I admire your creativity. I guess the boiled chicken breast, spinach and black beans was just a Costa Rica thing. You are Super Woman.


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