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a good life

There are many questions in this world that we seek. There are endless opportunities to discover new things also. Sometimes we are just too focused on the lack of knowledge that we miss it when the answer tries to reveal itself to us.

If truth is what we seek, could it be that it is already somehow known to us deep within? Only the walls we ourselves and other things that have influenced us have helped to build, must be taken down. We must reach the state of allowing by opening our minds and hearts without expecting a certain kind of result. For when we do that the truth will become tainted with how we like it to be and therefore no longer be the truth. For example, in order to know our true selves we must abandon the masks first without already creating yet another one by our expectation.

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  1. When I red your blog it sometimes makes me miss you more. Sitting around the table at Massey with you were some very fond memories. Keep them coming. I love em. Gracias mi BFF


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