Will Psychologists Go the Way of the Cowboy?



Singer Paula Cole asked “where have all the cowboys gone?”, disillusioned that things are not what they had seemed to be at first.

Where is my Marlboro man?

Where is his shiny gun?

Where is my lonely ranger?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Yippee yo, yippee yeah

What do we value about cowboys?  In part, it’s their self-sufficiency, their adventurous, independent spirit, cool swagger and the ability to shoot a gun to save the day. I grew up being told cowboys were the coolest. Again, my mom referred to herself as “the Puerto Rican cowgirl”.  From an early age I wanted to be a psychologist partly due to Silence of the Lamb’s Clarice’s ability to kick some ass. She was the psychology cowgirl. But now, there are no cowboy movies and psychologists in the movies or TV are just as screwed up as their patients. Look at the show

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