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amarex diagram 111

It was almost exactly eleven pm, and six hours later before I found the small piece of paper I had been tearing the house apart looking for. Every drawer, every cupboard, the car..the books…and it was panic stations as I need that bit of paper early this morning. I am driving a removal van today to bring my soon-to- be daughter’s things up from the south coast.

And the hire company are going to want my driving license after all.

So there was no chance of going to bed before I had located whatever ‘safe place’ I had put it.

It a about a year since I last saw it. The photocard is in my purse, but the paper counterpart? I thought it was in the papers I keep in my bag. No. Eek!

amarex diagram 100

I had started with the obvious places.. all the neatly filed important papers.. as one would…

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