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Touch Stones revisited.


A few months ago I wrote about writing that served  as a ‘touch stone’.  I gave the example of words sent to my family to express my feelings at the time and my appreciation of my son’s reply.  Today I would like to introduce a different type of touch stone – an object saturated with meaning.

Moulson emerges


         Moulson is a family clan touch stone created at a distant family reunion.  Moulson leaves each reunion with a family member choosen by the previous keeper.  Some times it is bequeathed by request.  Other times it requires completion of a task.

         This morning I discovered Moulson lurking in my brother’s house.  He was clean, safe and stuffed with finger puppets – a hint that he had been to visit grandkids recently.

I have read of group blogs and wondered if Moulson would like his own blog ?

Every family should have a touchstone and blog whether it’s a signet ring, flag, or puppet doesn’t matter.  It’s a symbol to rally the clan and remember.

Long Live Moulson!!!

Fairy Encounter


Mixed flora

Peering among the roadside flora, I found a bee and followed it home.



On my way I found a tiny  home and wondered who lived there.

Fairy face

I spied a fluttering of wings in the distance and approached.  She agreed to being caputured by my camera and even turned to show off her wings.

Fairy Flower

Magic is everywhere.  You just have to open your eyes.


An Adventure in Oregon


Every day is an adventure filled with sensations that trigger memories from the past and create new ones.

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I try to give the moments a format so I can communicate them.

Words do not work or perhaps it is my inability to wordsmith.

Pictures feel more expressive.

Add musical vibrations and the message is filled with meaning.

This presentation is my expression of a recent walk in the countryside of Eugene, Oregon.


My gratitude to Bach, Mother Nature, and Family for sharing.