Raising Awareness


Excellent visual building blocks for the future.

Just breathe.

“I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth and reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way.”
 – Thomas Jefferson

As some of you may be aware, today is the first day of Bilderberg meeting at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, England. The reason why I wanted to write a post about this is that many people, maybe even most, have never even heard about the Bilderberg Group. This, however, is not very surprising because these annual meetings have happened for many years in secret. And they still are private and no one really knows what they actually talk about there except for the ones who have been invited.

Through the alternative media and people who are brave enough to discover the truth, this information about the Bilderberg Group / the Illuminati / the Shadow Government or whatever…

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