Touch Stones revisited.


A few months ago I wrote about writing that served  as a ‘touch stone’.  I gave the example of words sent to my family to express my feelings at the time and my appreciation of my son’s reply.  Today I would like to introduce a different type of touch stone – an object saturated with meaning.

Moulson emerges


         Moulson is a family clan touch stone created at a distant family reunion.  Moulson leaves each reunion with a family member choosen by the previous keeper.  Some times it is bequeathed by request.  Other times it requires completion of a task.

         This morning I discovered Moulson lurking in my brother’s house.  He was clean, safe and stuffed with finger puppets – a hint that he had been to visit grandkids recently.

I have read of group blogs and wondered if Moulson would like his own blog ?

Every family should have a touchstone and blog whether it’s a signet ring, flag, or puppet doesn’t matter.  It’s a symbol to rally the clan and remember.

Long Live Moulson!!!

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  2. Very pleasant surprise. Nice to hear Molson has been visiting grandkids. that made me smile. I happened to be watching Antique Road show ( PBS ) and just got past password struggles to open my yahoo account. I would ( I have) psychically add the song ” Souvenirs” from John Prine. xoxoml



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