Blooming Articoke


Bloom 3

The blooming articoke in my brother’s garden presented itself  and caused me to wonder about life cycles.

Doesn’t the fruit come after the flower not before?


At least the Blueberries are in sequence and season.

It’s time to find a blueberry farm to self harvest.

Pura Vida

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  1. An artichoke is not technically a fruit, it’s just a very large thistle whose flower you can eat. I grow artichokes myself, but unlike your brother’s mine have yet to flower 😦 Maybe this year… I live in hope.
    Great photos! 🙂


      • Yes the thistle flower is the artichoke itself, and yes it’s just another stage of the thistle’s life before all the foliage above ground dies. The seeds that it then produces are technically the fruit.


  2. If there was a like prompt, I would be all over it. I love your pics. I never have seen either plant. I have driven past miles of artichoke fields of Castroville California, which just happens to be the artichoke capital of the world. I’m talking 35 years ago. The blueberry could have been seen but missed. In another word, the plain Jane of plants. Your words that come from your thoughts that still continue to inspire me. The power of woman……..


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